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Exogen® unboxing with Coach Joe, Malaysian Olympic Gymnast Farah Ann, and MMA Athlete Peter Davis.

Coach Joe and Peter Davis examine the Exogen® Top and integrated posture support straps.

Coach Joe talks about the fascial-helix design on Exogen® and how it supports natural movement.

Peter Davis talks about his movement with the Exogen® Fullarm sleeve.

Coach Joe talks about the thermo-regulation, sweat wicking and cooling of the Exogen® base layer.

Coach Joe talks about the Fusiform® micro-load.

Coach Joe shows you how to load with the Fusiform® micro-load. Explains distal loading and proximal loading.

Coach Joe shows you internal and external loading and posterior and anterior loading with the Fusiform® micro-load.

Peter Davis and Farah Ann show how they load up for specific training.

Coach Joe talks about how to use Exogen® safely.

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