Fully customisable, modular micro-load wearable resistance system for high-performance training.

Elisa Di Lazzaro
Olympian & Italian 100m hurdles Champion.

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Resistance training works. We reimagined the system to integrate with your body and natural movement.

This is Exogen®, the world’s most advanced wearable resistance. A two-part system comprising multi-layer compression garments and micro-loads.

Whether you’re a pro-athlete training for speed, the weekend warrior building endurance for obstacle course racing, a golfer looking to drive the ball further, or just trying to improve your fitness, Exogen wearable resistance is your ultimate advantage.


Our patented Fusiform™ micro-load, is engineered to follow natural muscle architecture and flexible to move with your body.

Micro-loads are small weights ranging from 50g to 300g which provide the resistance of the Exogen wearable system.

Exogen ignites speed. Lab research and field testing have shown the power of specific micro-loading to measurable improvements in speed.

No matter your athletic pursuit, speed is a consequential attribute.

Bruno Suzuki with Exogen Top and Micro-Loads


Our Fusiform micro-loads are hook-and-loop fastened to the Exoprene™ base layer, meaning you can target resistance exactly where you need it, providing endless training applications.

Instantly add and remove micro-loads as you progress through sets and programs. Load as light or heavy as you need.

The modular design enables you to focus on specific areas or deploy the entire Exogen suit for whole body resistance.

Move micro-loads from the calves to the thighs, add them to the chest, back or forearms.

It’s entirely your call. You are in absolute control.


We're in the business of winning, and Lila puts us in that environment. What we can achieve with Exogen wearable resistance is the secret weapon!

We use Exogen wearable resistance to provide special extra stimulus to help athletes develop more optimal sport specific movement concentrating on maximum intent


From Olympians to professional athletes, Lila® is the brand they trust for performance when it matters.

Lila powers athletes across the globe and sporting disciplines. Whether your pursuit is artistic gymnastics, track and field, American football, soccer, boxing, MMA, tennis, endurance sports, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Find out more about being #PoweredByMicroLoads.

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Train the way your body was meant to move..unrestricted.

Visit to learn more. Link in bio.
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@bmarshall knows high performance.
At @hoaperformance, they manifest cutting edge thinking.

Exogen wearable resistance by Lila® has been an integral part of their training protocol for the past year.

Want to learn why? Links in bio.

Stay tuned for the NFL combine prep programs 2023/2024. More to come.
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Meet @ivantriathlon the unstoppable endurance athlete and coach in Bangkok, who achieved greatness through innovative training techniques.

Ivan shares how incorporating EXOGEN into his workouts impacted his performance, propelling him to victory.

Join the conversation and let us know in the comments how EXOGEN has transformed your training routine. 💥📣

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It`s the summer of tennis. Get some.

We`re in Thailand now!
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🎥 @henchfox

“We used Lila with one of my fighters for an upcoming national championship… it produced some of the best results we’ve ever had.”

The powerful @Bkklion comes across endless streams of “sports performance” products.

He rejects most.

That should tell you everything.

Two years ago he connected with Coach @dakoygorrez of @lilaathletes.thailand about Exogen® wearable resistance and it’s #poweredbymicroloads technology.

Listen in as Jay R tells you what he thinks.
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@scirocco_tf has been incorporating Exogen® Wearable Resistance into training camps with Olympic athletes, @elisazzaro and @fofana_hassane

So, how and why do they use Exogen?
Coach Jani Ratia has written an article outlining just that. Check it out.

Link in bio.
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By @welltrainedbody | TRY ON HAUL with EXOGEN by @lilaathletes 🦾🦿

In my search for the best micro-load wearable resistance, I discovered EXOGEN by LILA. Aside from the appeal of its futuristic design, I really like how seamless and secure the weight loads attach to the exterior of the garments. Here I am wearing the shorts with the forearm and calf sleeves. Not shown are the tank and full arm sleeve available options.

You can customize where and how you place the weights for training specificity; activating muscles internally vs externally and distally vs proximally. This system is ideal for all sports performance athletes.

Other training benefits include:
• increased speed & vertical
• improved endurance & neuromechanics
• looking & feeling like a real badass 😎

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Get in the fast lane with @komskomalam on Exogen. A winning formula for greatness. #GoFaster #PoweredByMicroLoads
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Train like the pro`s.

Lila is the choice of professional athletes and the world`s most advanced training programs.

Those at the cutting edge like @hoaperformance and @coach_troyjones demand the very best tools.
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Here’s to fun on shoot day! Our head of growth @henchfox joins @komalam, Malaysian national sprinter, on her warm up. She made him throw down 4 laps of the track, then plyometrics — frog jumps.

As you can see, its tough for the big guy.

Let us know 👇if you want to see him taking on more elite athletes. #letsbreakben

We’ve dug up a gem from the past!
In this video, MMA fighter Peter Davis shares his experience and feedback on using wearable resistance in combat training. He discusses the overall feel of using the resistance and its impact on his training. Viewers will get an inside look at how professional MMA fighters incorporate different training techniques to improve their skills and performance in the ring. Whether you’re an MMA fan or someone looking to learn more about fitness and training, this video is a must-watch.

Peter Davis is a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter from Malaysia. He began his career as a Muay Thai fighter before transitioning to MMA. Davis has a professional record of 11 wins and 6 losses, with notable victories in One FC and MIMMA. He is known for his striking skills and has also appeared in the reality TV series The Apprentice Asia. Outside of the ring, Davis is also a fitness coach and a TV host.

Ask us questions in the comments section below!
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The fastest in the world knows us. Maybe you should too. #PoweredbyMicroLoads #GoFaster #WearableResistance

A global collaboration, with our athlete from Finland @pokbiil in Thailand with our man @dakoygorrez, of @sportspecific, a Lila Master Instructor.

Here we see the application of Exogen wearable resistance for combat sports. Developing speed and power.
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A virtual training partner in your pocket.

Lila+ features user guides, training programs by sport, an integrated store with an avatar display, and a complete content library including instructional content from Joseph Dolcetti.

Coming soon, with Exotek™, our digital performance analytics sensor, Lila+ will capture and individualise your training data.


Exogen wearable resistance allows you to train natural sport specific movement – from a tennis serve to a football penalty kick to launching out of the starting blocks – untethered from traditional resistance training equipment.

Every element of the Exogen design is inspired by, and in service to, free human movement.



Exogen’s patented high-performance base compression material featuring Scotchgard® moisture wicking technology.


Exogen is produced with AEGIS® eco-friendly anti-microbial P.E.T recycled material. OEKO-TEX® 100 certified.


Construction follows muscle fascia and supports complete body movement.

Stingray Wing Speed Straps

Providing a secure fit for high-speed movement with confidence.


Meets international standards for compression recovery, beneficial post-HIIT and intense loading.


Micro-perforations and a sweat wicking inner layer increase evaporative cooling by 20%.

Fusiform Micro-Load

Powering the Exogen wearable resistance system. Ranging from 50g to 300g, micro-loads can be positioned anywhere on the garment for complete customization.

Built-tough Roll-up

Complimentary easy-carry, rolls and protects your Exogen garments on-the-go.


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