Simply, the world’s most advanced wearable resistance. Resistance is in the form of weight (see Fusiform micro-loads, below). It is a movement friendly form of resistance you apply directly to the body via the garment, which allows for specific, adjustable, progressive, individual training needs in sports and fitness activities.

These are the weights (or resistance) in 50g, 100g, 200g, and 300g (2-12oz). The star of the Exogen wearable resistance system, the fusiform load is a patented design, is flexible, body-hugging, and is modelled following muscle architecture. This innovation allows loading to be both dispersed and comfortable, but still very targeted at the same time. They can be placed anywhere on the Exogen garment as you need.

Yes. Depending on the objective and application. Lila has worked with Dr. John Cronin at the Auckland University of Technology, Sports Performance Research Institute, to conduct research and publish peer-reviewed journal articles. You can see more at the Science of Exogen.

Great question! Here is the breakdown.

Calf Sleeves [XXS=600g, XS/S=1KG, M/L=1.4KG, XL/XXL=1.6KG, XXXL=2.2KG]

Upper Arm Sleeves [XXS/XS=400g, S/M=600g, L to XXXL=1KG]

Forearm Sleeves [XXS/XS=400g, S/M=600g, L to XXXL=1KG]

Top [XXS/XS=1.6KG, S/M=2KG, L/XL=2.4KG, XXL/XXXL=2.8KG]

Shorts [XXS/XS=1.6KG, S/M=2KG, L/XL=2.4KG, XXL/XXXL=2.8KG]

Anyone can benefit from exercising and training with wearable resistance. There really are no limitations so long as you are medically fit and follow all safety guidelines.


Not at all. No single product provides everything. In fact, Exogen is the perfect partner for many current exercise trends. We highly recommend trying Exogen® during your next suspension or bodyweight workout.

Absolutely. Speed is Exogen territory. If you want to get quicker off the mark, in just a few weeks, without making big changes to your training routine - wear Exogen calf sleeves while you train. 

You'll find that there is no need to change what you do, just change what you wear. It's that simple.

Find out more on the Science of Exogen.

When weights are loaded on the calf and thigh, Exogen wearable resistance increases the mechanical work of the entire leg and hip while running - meaning you’ll build strength and power for running.

Exogen is designed and fully compatible for water use and with precaution is safe for water-based sports and activities.

*During all water-based activities there is an inherent risk of injury or death due to drowning. This includes swimming, surfing, diving, paddling, kayaking, water-skiing, wake/knee boarding, sailing, jet-skiing, or similar.

a. With LOADED Exogen you are adding weight to your body and this will reduce your buoyancy in any water environment.

b. We recommend you do not use LOADED Exogen in a water environment such as a pool, lake, river, ocean or other if you are;

Not a competent swimmer, not wearing approved life preserving, safety flotation devices as required for your age, level or activity, or alone with no qualified supervision immediately nearby.

Yes. Exogen garments meet international standards for compression recovery. This provides light-to-mild contraction during unloaded training. You can train fully loaded with Exogen then de-load and leverage the compression for recovery.

Yes. It is designed for a specific fit ensuring adequate compression, anti-slip, and comfort especially when loaded. Wearable resistance compression wear takes getting used to especially when putting on and taking off. The material will naturally stretch over time.


Exogen and compression clothing in general is not contraindicated with high blood pressure. However, before starting any exercise program, or one using compression equipment and weights, such as Exogen, you should be cleared by your medical doctor. They will have a much better understanding of your personal circumstances and give you specific advice.

There is no contraindication for using wearable resistance if you are diabetic. However, if you are diabetic you should see your doctor before starting any exercise program. Specifically, your physician should give you medical clearance for using the Exogen compression suit.

Compression clothing is not normally contraindicated if you have a heart condition. However, if you do have a heart condition and/or a pacemaker you should seek advice from your physician before starting any exercise program or using Exogen and compression wear.

Care and cleaning

Exogen is a high-quality training product with excellent durability, so long as you follow these handling and care guidelines.


  • After each training give your Exogen a light cold water handwash and squeeze dry
  • Leave it inside-out and hang it to dry overnight in an airy place, not under direct sun
  • Give it a cold water machine wash once per month or when you feel its needed
  • Hand rinse the Fusiform loads under cold water once per week and let them air dry overnight
  • Do not tumble or machine dry
  • Do not wash in warm or hot water


  • Hang or properly fold your Exogen pieces when not in use
  • Do not leave the loads on your Exogen pieces after training this will wear the Exogen outer attachment layer. Always store the loads on the roll-up after use
  • Do not store or leave your loads bunched or rolled up. Lay them flat on the roll-up in between training sessions
  • Your roll-up is designed to make transport and travel with Exogen easy and efficient

Shipping and Returns

We currently ship to the US, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong. If your country is not on this list, please contact us with your request.

For EU orders, please reach out to our authorised distributor in Finland via Instagram @lilaathletesfinland

Our main warehouse and depot is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Currently, all orders are shipped from this location.

Should you have any defect upon receipt of your products, please first write to us and we will advise you on how to return the item. If you have the wrong size, we will gladly exchange your Exogen so long as your product has not been used and has the original tags. 

All return shipping costs are borne by the customer. We would sight and QC  the product returned before shipping a replacement.

We believe we have created a world-class performance product. A great deal of R&D has gone into the design and testing. However, if you are not satisfied with your Exogen product you can get a refund, no questions asked.

Please write to us within 14-days of delivery of your order and we will gladly authorise your refund. We will provide you with the return information you require. You will just pay for shipping it back to the original depot.

It is dependent on your jurisdiction. We do not collect customs duties charges. Please check with your relevant customs authority.

Any customs duties are the sole responsibility of the buyer. 

For the United States, please review the information on the Customs and Border Protection website: https://www.cbp.gov/trade/basic-import-export/internet-purchases

For most international orders we ship via Fedex.

Within Malaysia and Singapore we use a combination of courier services and postal services.

My Order

We aim to dispatch all orders within 48 business hours. Depending on your location, times may vary. 
We will provide tracking numbers and ETAs once packed and shipped.

You can login to your account (if you set one up) on the website. 
Also, once your order is packed and shipped, you will receive a tracking number for the relevant shipper where you will be able to track your package.

Unfortunately, once we have processed the order we are unable to cancel.

However, if you write to us immediately following your order placement, with the order number, and contact details, we will attempt to halt the packing and shipping. Though we cannot guarantee we will intercept this in time.

You can make use of our 7-day money back guarantee should you not want your order once it arrives.

If you have other questions, not answered here, please contact us.


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